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10 Pickled Jalapeños Recipes

Spicy nachos

Pickled sweet, green peppers & jalapeños are so versatile and a fridge staple. Depending on how much heat is your thing, they can spice up some nachos, a pizza or hot dogs, or you can get creative and use them as an ingredient.


  • Try adding some sliced Pickled Jalapenos in a simple black bean and tomato stew, and sprinkle a few extra on top, like these black bean burrito bowls from Fuss Free Flavours.

  • Chopped pickled jalapeños are also very good with melted cheese – chop the chillis, cover with grated cheese and microwave until melted.

Melted chili and cheese toasted sandwich

  • You can also slice them and add them into a toasted cheese sandwich.

  • Add onto some fully laden black bean nachos with picked chillis, ideal for a casual week night supper (via Maison Cupcake).

  • Spice up your baking and add some heat to these mini cornbreads which are ideal for topping a bowl of chilli (via Feeding Boys).

  • Chop and add pickled jalapenos to a quick cook cheesy soda bread – the ideal accompaniment to a bowl of soup with this recipe from FabFood4All.

  • Use sliced jalapenos to perk up a store-bought pizza.

  • Whizz some pickled jalapenos up with coconut milk, lime juice and coriander to make a quick Thai curry sauce.

  • Use some of the pickling water in salad dressings, or mix with a little mayonnaise for a dressing for a potato salad.

  • Sprinkle on top of loaded cheesy nachos.

  • Chop with herbs, add some oil and lemon zest to make a quick chimichurri style jalapeño relish.

Cheese burger and fries

  • Slice them and add them to a homemade cheese burger for an extra bite.

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