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Cremora liquid ‘milk’ taste test

Cremora liquid milk taste test

I taste tested Nestlé’s Cremora liquid ‘milk’ and it is surprisingly good!

Cremora, yes, the non-dairy creamer brand, has two new liquid creamers on the shelves: hazelnut and vanilla. You probably know them from their iconic TV advert; “It’s Not Inside Its On Top”

Today was a fun morning as I had the enjoyable task of taste testing both creamers. For a fair taste comparison I added them both to a cup of Mokka brewed with African Blend coffee.

The vanilla flavour is more subtle, but creamy and delicious. I ended up adding a little more than 20ml and a small spoonful of sugar and then it was a decadent treat.

The hazelnut flavour is strong and will dominate the taste of your coffee and tea, and a lingering nutty aftertaste which reminds me a lot of almond milk. Its quite sweet and I didn’t even need to add sugar. This was my favourite.

Its quite pricy for the size though. 250ml costs more than a litre of milk. 

Final verdict; these are for when you want to treat yourself or change up the flavour of your favourite instant coffee.

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