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Diffuser by JB Squared


200ml / 6.76 Oz

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Lavish Rose
This fragrance is a tribute to the modern, elegant and free-spirited. Its opens on a sparking and delicious scents of lychee, bergamot, redcurrant and davana.
It brings a luxurious bouquet of rose and freesia warmed by the strength of patchouli to the room and will leave an unforgettable trail of warm wood and amber wrapped up in a sensual accord of musk and vanilla.

When looking for a hope for the future, Sandalwood is the perfect balance between heart and mind making you feel more positive.
The woody fragrance starts on a mix of geranium and almond, refreshed by green scents. The heart reveals the softness of rose sublimated by a woody accord and a balance of musky tones and balms.

Sugared Grapefruit
This will instantly transform your space with its eccentric and energising juicy tropical fruit cocktail blend. The exotic flowers of rose and jasmine will transport you to another world. The alluring candied sugar and fruit jelly brings a touch of youthfulness to your living space.

Care and Attention

Instructions: Place bottle on a level surface. Remove protection plug. Insert the diffusor sticks into the bottle. Rotate the sticks upside down once a week to release the fragrance. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not light the reeds. Keep away from open flames and heated areas. Do not place directly on fabric surfaces.


Sandalwood, Lavish Rose, Sugared Grapefruit


JB Squared


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